Why Technical Writing Mentorship Program(twmp)

A Mentorship Program for Technical Writers


There is an adage that says, “study to show thyself approve”. To buttress the point, there is a saying that “we learn every day” Partially I don't agree with that because learning and improvement of skill most time must be birthed out of hunger for it. Let me take down to biblically scripture, remember when Bartimaeus the blind man from Jericho despite being shut up by people but still went on to cry out louder to Jesus for his healing and he received his healing well he could have just obeyed the people if he want to.

Another scenario that amplifies my opinion is that the number of people who gained admission in year one depreciated when graduating successful students. One of the major challenges among students is that people don't have a thirst to learn or know better.

In this article, I will be sharing how my thirst for technical writing led me to the Technical Writing Mentorship Program, why I decided to join the mentorship program and where this program can be found.


One beautiful morning, I woke up to the sound of birds singing at 8 am. To brighten my mood, I decided to scroll through Twitter. However, my good spirits were quickly dampened when I received a rejection email from a company where I had applied for a job as a Technical Writer. This was the fifth rejection I had received, and I couldn't help but feel discouraged.

Bola noticed my distress and asked, "What happened, ileolami?" With tears streaming down my face, I explained the situation. There was a moment of silence before Bola spoke up. "Ileolami," she said gently, "I know you're a good writer. You have a lot of potential to be a great technical writer. Have you considered equipping yourself with additional skills? Maybe you could watch some YouTube videos on technical writing or look into mentorship programs on Twitter. This way, you can identify the areas where you need to improve and work on them." It was then that I realized that I had never taken a mentorship program in technical writing, apart from the ones I had taken on software development.

Days turn into weeks, and weeks become months. I made a decision to put my job applications on hold until I could find the right mentorship. I had already bought some books on technical writing to improve my knowledge and attended Twitter spaces related to technical writing. One night, while scrolling through Twitter as usual, I stumbled upon the Technical Writing Mentorship Program. The joy in my heart could be compared to that of a long-barren woman who had just given birth to twins. I quickly followed them and explored their pages, and to crown it all, I found out that they had a discord channel for their members. I joined immediately and got accepted. "This is a breakthrough!" I exclaimed in a loud voice.


You may be asking, why did I feel so much joy in my heart when I found out about this Mentorship Program? Firstly, it is better to understand what this Technical writing mentorship program entails. This is a non-profit organization comprised of a team of experienced technical writers who are passionate about assisting others in enhancing their skills in the field. They provide one-on-one guidance and support to individuals who wish to improve their technical writing abilities. Whether you are just starting or looking to take your skills to the next level, they are here to provide the necessary tools and resources you need to succeed. With their expert guidance, you will be able to write more effectively, communicate complex information clearly, and advance your career in the field of technical writing. The program's success is evident from the encouraging and genuine testimonials from past mentees. The mentees speak highly of the program, mentioning how it provided them with valuable resources and opportunities in technical writing.

The technical writing Mentorship program is a flexible mentorship program that runs for three months with a rich curriculum. The Activities include:

  1. Weekly classes

  2. Reviews/feedback from mentors

  3. Assignment

  4. Collaboration with mentees


The benefits I have gotten so far from this mentorship program are:

  1. The mentorship program is free

  2. Flexible Lectures which run only on Fridays

  3. Direct mentorship both from Mentors and fellow mentors

  4. Live classes

  5. Their courses are open sourced that is it gives room for mentees to contribute to their course

  6. Job opportunities

  7. Writing Challenge e.g Glasp which I participated and came second

  8. Network with others in the space

  9. Insightful event apart from the mentorship program


I know the question in your mind is “Where and how can I join this Mentorship program”?

Before we dive into that, Let me introduce you to the Founder himself, His name is Wisdom Nwokocha. He is a developer advocate, a technical writer, a public speaker, a content creator, and a documentation manager. One of his goals is to mentor and grow professional technical writers.

These are links to where you can connect with the founder himself and to the Mentorship program:


It must have been a long journey for you to read this far. In this article, we have explored how I discovered this program, the reasons behind it, and where to use it. Additionally, we have highlighted the various benefits that users can derive from it. If you're interested in trying out this program, please go ahead and do so. Don't hesitate to share your experience with others.