Chapter 23 to Chapter 24

Chapter 23 to Chapter 24

Birthday: My Personal Growth Experience

Within six months, I wrote 12 articles, started a newsletter where I shared weekly reports, worked for three organizations, held and moderated sessions, organized a technical writing BootCamp, built a full-stack project, worked with four teams as a frontend developer, participated in hackathons, underwent three training programs, and networked with influential people.

Let me drink water first. That's a lot. I remember when I started in tech; the beginning was difficult. I can't count how many times I wanted to give up, but seeing others succeed kept pushing me to improve. Now I realize everything in life takes time.

At age 22, I dreamed of educating people, becoming a good front-end developer, and much more. But now, see how everything has played out.

In this post, I will share my growth experience, my ups and downs, and most importantly, the people God has used to help me. Adjust your glasses, relax, and enjoy the ride.

My Journey In Web Development

I started in cloud computing but transitioned into web development due to the complexity of cloud computing. Web development hasn't been an easy journey either, but I enjoyed it more and received help from my friends.

There was a time in my life when I wanted to master everything in CSS before moving on to JavaScript. I thought I was doing great. When I started learning JavaScript, I was constantly studying as if my life depended on it. I understood what JavaScript was all about, but I struggled with execution. I would get scared if I was assigned any task involving it.

Soon after, I began taking tasks from the Frontend Mentor, building projects, and gaining confidence in handling projects. Sometimes, I encountered bugs that took days to resolve, but things have changed now. I'm confident and can jump into any project, seeking help if needed. I have mentors like Marvellous, Telsa, and Daniel who always help out.

One thing I've learned so far is that being confident, practice regularly, and being open to learning will help you grow much more over time.

Technical Writing with Dev

Writing is something I never believed I could do well. In secondary school, my grade in English never exceeded a C. How I got a B2 in English in SSCE is still a miracle to me. My mom always encouraged me and paid a lot for extra lessons so I could improve.

In 2020, after a friend made fun of me, I decided to get better. I studied English textbooks as if my life depended on it, watched videos, and read more books. Within months of dedicated studying, people started noticing improvements in my spoken English. In 2023, I started writing, but I wasn't consistent until Aishat and Cynthia (web3ladies Technical Writing leads) helped me.

In December 2023, I made my first money from writing through a writing challenge, earning #100,000. That boosted my confidence. I took it seriously and now have 20 published articles and have ghostwritten over 10 articles. I'm currently writing for two companies.

Here is my Blog

Roles I never thought I could do well in

As a Social Manger/Marketing

My first real-life experience comes from web3ladies, where I volunteer as a social media intern. Honestly, I'm not a social media person, but I wanted to contribute to web3ladies because this community has greatly influenced my tech growth. Most of the knowledge and opportunities I have come from web3ladies. (I recommend this community for every lady).

The internship started in July 2023. My ideas were welcomed, and I must say, it is a welcoming environment. I create content calendars for our social media platforms, manage the thread account, and grew the account from 200 followers to 1,000 followers. I also constructed panel questions for the panelists during the Web3ladies IWD event, developed engagement strategies, and reached out for partnerships.

As a Technical Writing Lead

My leadership skills began to develop in secondary school when I was appointed Class Captain. I never thought it was something I should work on; I just wanted to contribute and earn money.

Last month, SuperTeam Benin State mod reached out to me to lead and moderate the group and help the newbies. I saw it as a challenge at first, but I want to gain the experience.

The first thing I did was organize an onboarding call for the writers to get to know them and understand their level of expertise. At the end of the call, some attendees sent their appreciation and positive feedback.

Encouraged by this, I went on to organize a four-week virtual BootCamp and reached out to some experts in the field to teach. Every session ended with positive feedback from the mentees and my state mod.

Here is the report of the BootCamp:

  • Number of sessions: 10

  • Facilitators: 8

  • Number of attendees: 74

More details here, including topics taught.


Never Give Up

My motto has always been "it's either I win or I win bigger." You might think it's easier said than done. Yes, sometimes I feel like I'm not doing enough or that tech is not for me, but what keeps me going are the stories of others who became successful.

Trust me, there is money in every field; you just have to position yourself, strategize, and build yourself up. There were times when I wanted to be where I am now, and this is just the beginning. My journey is far from over, and I am hungry for success, money, and growth.


Networking is my key tool. I attend many events and make sure to connect with people who are successful in the field. Engaging with them has helped me a lot.

At one event, I didn't realize I was sitting next to the founder of a big company. We had a conversation, and that was it. Later, when she saw me again, I didn't even have an interview; she just added me to her team.

Networking is the best way to get job offers, with an 80% chance of getting the job. Don't isolate yourself; go out and meet people. Your next client might be waiting for you.

Show up always

Jan 1, 2024. I told myself I would publish at least 4 articles a month and post updates about what I'm doing so I wouldn't need to introduce myself. Is that working out well? Yes, it is.

I receive messages from people asking for help with ideas or mentorship. Keep showing up every day and let others consume your content too. Social media is a land of opportunity and another networking tool.


I know everyone is focused on what they can earn, which is understandable. However, if you are just starting your career, I advise you to volunteer and contribute to projects. This helps you learn more and, most importantly, teaches you how to work as part of a team. It will help build your portfolio and expand your knowledge.

Do it Right

Improve your skills; success doesn't happen by chance but by doing things correctly. Learn the necessary skills, put in the effort, and take action. Be good at what you do and approach it strategically and diligently.

Happy Birthday

I want to use this medium to wish myself Happy Birthday, more money and more opportunity over the globe. I want to thank God for always speaking to me everyday of my life, for giving me wisdom and knowledge, for seeing me through and for sending me help always. (June 8 is my birthday)

I want to thank myself for not giving and believing in myself more than anyone else.

Cheer to a new season, growth, joy and happiness.